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Welcome to Master Chang's Martial Arts! We are located in North Raleigh area, as well as Cary, and we are proud to bring the incredible benefits of Korean Martial Arts to the Triangle! Here at our 8,000 square foot facility, we offer the absolute best instructors, training equipment, teaching style, and atmosphere to develop and nurture your inner martial artist. We welcome the opportunity to show you how great our programs and staff are, and invite you to come in anytime for a tour or free trial lesson!

Through Martial Arts, we are able to achieve our ultimate goal; helping Raleigh and Cary’s children grow into well-rounded individuals and leaders set amongst their peers. Our instructors are not just Martial Artists; they are character development coaches. We pride ourselves on creating a positive influence and being healthy role models for children in the Triangle.

Grand Master Do Hyun Chang has been teaching martial art classes for kids and creating Black Belt Leaders in the Triangle area for over fifteen years. His unique energy and teaching style focuses on the individual student and how to bring out the positive physical and mental advantages that can be achieved through training with him and his top-notch Masters and Instructors. As the captain and member of the Korean Tigers Demonstration Team he travelled the world putting on dynamic martial arts performances featuring high flying acrobatics, tremendous power breaking demonstrations, as well as “movie style” and practical self-defense seminars. Now he has taken his immense skill and applied it to developing the younger generations in hope of building a better future for our children through focus and discipline.

With our fun and exciting teaching style, we are able to keep kids engrossed in learning all that Martial Arts have to offer. While stamina, strength, and speed are just some of the fantastic physical benefits of Taekwondo, the greatest benefits are mental in nature. In Tae Kwon Do in Raleigh, your child will develop greater respect, discipline, focus, and self confidence in their time spent learning and having fun with us; and those skills will carry over into all facets of their life as they continue to grow.

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Chingoo / Bring-A-Friend Day is every Friday @ 4:30 PM
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"At Master Chang’s Martial Arts you will learn to become the best you can possibly be by developing focus, discipline, respect, and physical fitness."

-Grand Master Do Hyun Chang



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